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Hook Up to Mains Electricity whenever you can

The motorhome contains a leisure battery which powers the lighting, 12v points & water pump, including the toilet flush. We have recently installed a solar panel (which is located on the roof) to ensure that the leisure battery is kept topped up (it can also be topped up by driving or by hooking up to mains electric). We would, however, recommend that you stay overnight at campsites with electric hook up, especially during winter months, to ensure that you can recharge the leisure battery, use the 3 pin sockets and use electric to heat the van and the water. That way you can also conserve your gas supplies. Please note that the 3 pin sockets will only work when hooked up to mains electric.

Empty your toilet regularly

To avoid any unwelcome odours, we recommend that you dispose of your toilet waste at least every 2-3 days (or more frequently if you are unable to utilise campsite toilet facilities). A red warning light will appear to the side of the toilet flush button if the cassette does become full. This must ONLY be done at proper toilet waste disposal facilities which are available at most campsites. Many sites will allow you to pay a small fee for using their disposal facilities even if you are not staying with them, but please plan ahead and ensure that you know where they are!

Make sure you have sufficient fresh water

To ensure that you have sufficient water to flush the toilet, wash the dishes or have a shower you need to ensure that the fresh water tank is topped up regularly. There is a blue hose in the storage compartment which can be attached to the water taps at campsites. Alternatively we provide a water carrier with spout which can be used to fill up.

Empty your grey (waste) water tank

To avoid both drain smells and carrying unnecessary weight when driving we recommend that you empty the grey (waste) water tank regularly. This must only be carried out at a proper waste water disposal area on campsites. To empty the waste water simply drive over the drain and open the grey tap under the skirt of the motorhome on the drivers side of the vehicle. Please remember to close the tap again once emptied.


Gas is required for cooking (at all times) & can be used to operate the fridge/heating/hot water when not connected to mains electric.

For safety reasons, the gas canister must be in the closed position at all times when driving. We also recommend ensuring that the gas canister compartment is kept unlocked while driving.


The motorhome uses diesel. The filling cap is located just beside the passenger door. If you are driving in the north of Scotland especially please ensure that you keep an eye on your fuel level and that you plan ahead with regard to filling up as some petrol stations may have limited opening hours.

Useful Links when travelling in Scotland

Cairngorms National Park

If you need to dispose of chemical waste and are not a resident at a camping or caravan park there are some sites in the Park that are willing to dispose of your waste for a fee, visit this page to find out which sites are open to non-residents for Chemical Disposal

Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park

Please ensure that you visit the parks website and follow the Scottish Governments guidance at all times.  Details regarding the use of motorhomes in the park can be found by following the attached link.


For current information regarding this route and the services available (including open campsites & areas for waste disposal) please visit the northcoast500 website.